"We want to share a story that exemplifies the wonderful care and attentiveness that is given by everyone at BGVH. Our nine year old beagle, Louie, used to saunter around the yard, never exhibiting much energy. We thought this was a sign of old age and nothing more.  Louie’s annual exam revealed that he had a few dental problems. He needed tooth cleaning, he had infection, and had to have a few extractions as well . After the dental procedure, a remarkable metamorphosis in Louie’s demeanor took place. Louie was like a young dog again! He now runs around the yard with renewed vigor and even wants to play! This positive outcome was achieved because of the thoughtful focus given to Louie when he needed most. This is why we put our trust in the staff at BGVH and the great care given there to Louie and our other three dogs. Thanks so much!"

Bob & Nancy Bartley

"Our Jack Russell Terrier pulled loose and took off under a fence to take on four racoons Thursday night and fortunately, survived. Battered and scratched, and in a lot of pain, we went straight to Brighton Greens the next morning, located just outside the Nevada City Fairgrounds. They could not have been more helpful and reassuring, thank you. Dr. Leah. The front desk receptionist and technicians were fabulous and took careful care of our dog Erroll. A careful look, sedation for the checkup, blood-work, rabies shot, medications, and advice about what to watch for in the next few days. R&R for his bruised ego; watch for infections from bite-marks and scratches, and monitor reactions to the medications. Erroll thanks you. Our family thanks you. We could not imagine better care or a better experience, given the injuries and a very frightening situation."

Jim S.

"I have been a client of BGVH for over 20 years now. I have always felt my pets receive excellent care from the doctors, technicians and office staff. Everyone at BGVH is knowledgeable, friendly and will take the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend BGVH to anyone looking for a great veterinary hospital!"

Sharon M.

"Our furry family has been cared for by Brighton Greens Veterinary Hospital since 1994. From routine annual exams to emergencies, Dr Smith and Dr Baksh and their team have always been there, through good and difficult times. Their care is thorough and conscientious. They patiently answer my questions, guide important decisions, give advice and do it all with calmness and compassion."

Dan K.